About the festival


Polin Rokedet project [hebr. dancing Poland] is a unique weekend festival of Israeli Folk Dances, organized annually under the honorary patronage of the Embassy of Israel in Poland since 2013. Polin Rokedet was initiated by Miriam and Natalia Hakenberg who wanted to share with Poles their love for Israel and Israeli Folk Dances. The aim of the festival is to give the participants a chance to experience rich and vivid culture of Israel. They will experience this through dancing, art and culinary workshops, lectures, concerts and interactions with other people. The festival is attracting people regardless of age, nationality and even dance skills, because that kind of dancing fills dancers with joy and gives them a feeling of unity, equality and acceptance.

Dance sessions are in 3 groups: for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. During the sessions participants will learn step by step, at the right pace, getting to know older and newest Israeli dances and learning about their meaning. All participants receive educational materials allowing them to review what they’ve learnt during the festival.

Every year we make sure to engage a team of respected, professional and full of passion dance teachers and choreographers. Upcoming June 12th-14th, we will host again great team of Israeli instructors: Danielle Shkop, Oren Ashkenazi and Michael Barzelai.