Our team

NataliaNATALIA Hakenberg – Project coordinator
I studied management at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. In 2013, I went to Israel and finished there a course for IFD instructors at Tel Aviv University, organized by Gadi Bitton. After spending 2 years in Israel, I came back to Poland and try to spread Israeli culture across Poland. I love sport, watching football, reading books and spending time with my friends.

MiriamMIRIAM Hakenberg – Programme coordinator
I study pedagogy at the University of Warsaw. I love reading books, dancing and cooking. In my free time I enjoy art and craft activities.

We started dancing Israeli Folk Dances in 2002 in Snunit Warsaw dance group. Since then Israeli dances have become not only a hobby but also our idea for life. When we dance we can fully express ourselves, experiencing the wonderful feeling of being united. We love dancing with our family and friends and we would like to share our passion with others. For several years, we’ve been dreaming of organizing a dance workshop to familiarize more Polish people with the joy that Israeli Folk Dances can bring to our lives. Eventually our dream is about to come true. We hope you join us.

JuliaJULIA Wyrzykowska – Production cooperation
Broad experience in NGO organizations (i.e. Shalom Foundation; Living Bridge Foundation; Foundation for Contemporary Arts in Situ; The European Academy of Diplomacy). Currently working in The White Star Foundation as Foundation Development Specialist. Experienced in events organizing, managing PR and marketing campaigns and graphic designing. 8 years’ volunteer experience. Graduated from Warsaw University, Cross- Cultural Relations and International Relations Faculty. In my free time I like to dance (Israeli folk dance for 10 years and American Tribal Style for one year), play keyboard and draw.

dominikaDOMINIKA Zakrzewska-Olędzka
I graduated from social psychology and education, now working on my phd thesis. In 2007 I completed the certificate of dance instructor . For the last six years I have been working as an educators on Jewish heritage in Poland and a coordinator of international educational projects in the field of Polish-Israeli cooperation. SInce both of my paretnts are dance teachers, my adventure with this form of art. Have started even before I was born. From the very childchood I was interested in various kinds of dance (among others historical, ballroom and greek dance, jazz and bellet). In 2002 I got to know Izraeli folk dances, which apart from joy from the dance itself let me meet many wonderful people which up till today are also my friends in private life. In the free time I like to travel, practise sport and read books.