SportPlus Associationlogo_SportPlus

SportPlus Association acts on the basis of the formula that combines attractive sport and art program, learning through experience and interactive educational programmes. One of the important aims of SportPlus is implementing of intercultural education and integration. The association organizes i.a. projects that help to break stereotypes and establish friendships between representatives of different cultures and nations.

“Strefa Dialogu” Foundation
The foundation intends to promote dialogue within the society, among generations and between cultures as an effective method, which encourages mutual understanding and cooperation. The foundation acts in the area of culture, sport and education, including in particular interactive methods of teaching. Its’ activities involve the organization of workshops, conferences, trainings and concerts. The foundation strives to support the development of local communities.

Living Bridge Foundationlogo_Żywy Most
Living Bridge Foundation is a non-governmental organization which was established to initiate, lead and support projects in field of intercultural education. Our main goal is to promote dialog as a way of building mutual understanding and effective cooperation between people from various social, ethnic, religious or cultural backgrounds. It is being accomplished through actions focusing on developing openness and respect to other cultures, breaking stereotypes and prejudices and supporting leadership, social and interpersonal skills among young people through gaining new knowledge and experience during local, state and international projects. Until now we focus mostly on the subject of Polish-Israeli and Polish-Jewish relations.